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Kent Panther Lake图书馆设计赏析




导语: 当前,图书馆是人们日常生活中不可或缺的一项社会基础设施。作为少数幸存的公共空间之一,图书馆是分享、学习和探索发现的场所。因此,在这个项目中,建筑师将一个曾经被赌场所占据的社区空间,改造成为了一座图书馆,从而回馈社会。


Libraries are key parts of the social infrastructure in our society. One of the few remaining public spaces, libraries are places of sharing, learning and discovery. For this project, we were able to turn a casino, which took from the community, into a library; which gives back to the community.

▼图书馆夜景外观,exterior view of the library at night


本项目是Capital Bond Measure计划中的最后一个项目,值得一提的是,在这个计划中,华盛顿州金县图书馆系统(King County Library systems)已经新建了17座图书馆、扩建了11座图书馆、并改造翻新了14座图书馆了。而由于这是该计划中的最后一个项目,因此项目的预算相对紧张,意味着建筑师需要提出一个具有创造性的解决方案。建筑师需要重新利用现有的建筑结构,这有助于此前一直在衰退的城市地区重新恢复活力。Panther Lake是大城市中的一个小型社区,尽管如此,它在地理和文化方面仍然有着自己的与众不同之处。它坐落于美国华盛顿州的主要城市肯特(Kent)之上的一个高原上,人口组成十分多样化。该社区希望本项目这座属于他们自己的图书馆不仅是一个知识的王国,还能给他们带来一种身份认同感。

This was the last project of the Capital Bond Measure in which King County Library systems opened 17 new libraries, expanded 11 libraries, and renovated 14 libraries. As it was the last project, the budget was tight and creative solutions were needed. We were able to re-purpose an existing building which contributed to the revitalization of an area that had previously been in decline. Panther Lake is a smaller community that is part of a larger city yet is distinct both geographically and culturally. It sits on a plateau above the main city of Kent and has one of the most diverse populations in the country. The community asked for a library of their own to act not only as a place of knowledge but as focal point for their identity.

▼图书馆夜景外观,看似封闭,实际上玻璃窗户和入口为其提供了开放性,night view of the library that seems closed from the outside but is opened up by the windows and entrance



因此,建筑师将本项目打造为了一个看似封闭、实则具有开放性的图书馆,为这个社区带来了一个明亮的知识绿洲。阅读区的空间之上遍布着大型的天窗,从而将自然光线悉数引入室内,而周边的绿植不仅将室内外环境联系在了一起,更阻挡了来自周围停车场的窥探的目光。通透的出入口邀请着居民们进入内部空间一探究竟,而图书馆室内经过精心设计的光环境也为学习、聚会和分享等活动提供了空间。在由当地的家具制造商16th Workshop提供的定制型家具、精挑细选的艺术陈列装饰品和热情周到的图书馆工作人员的共同努力下,这个图书馆成为了Kent Panther Lake社区中一个真正的共享之家。

We took a building that was closed from the outside by design and opened it up to create a light filled oasis for the community. Large skylights flood the reading area with light while the planters bring the surrounding landscape right up to the windows to shield the view of the surrounding parking. A welcoming entry and custom touches throughout the building have created a place for learning, gathering and sharing. Custom furniture from 16th Workshop, a local furniture maker, an excellent art selection and the fabulous KCLS library staff have made this library a true home for the community of Kent Panther Lake.

▼图书馆入口,玻璃入口为其提供了一定的开放性,the glass entrance of the library that provides the transparency



主要挑战 | Key Challenges


The biggest challenge was how to turn a former casino into a library for an undeserved community。 The building was standing in an island of parking and because it was a casino, it had been entirely closed down and was fully inward focused。

▼图书馆室内,阅读区的空间之上遍布着大型的天窗,引入自然光线,interior space of the library, large skylights flood the reading area with light




解决方案 | Solutions


We opened all the windows and brought the landscape up to the glass to create the illusion of the building sitting in nature. We used former mechanical access hatches to create new skylights and allow daylight to penetrate into the building.

▼图书馆室内,利用原先的机械通道口来创建新的天窗,interior view of the library, using former mechanical access hatches to create new skylights


▼图书馆室内,窗户将周围的景观引入室内读者们的视野之中,interior view of the library, windows bring the landscape up to the glass


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